Posted By Mariah Robertson

Shandaken Project Retrospective Exhibition​
Opening December 12, 7–10p
With a performance by Penis at 8p

Open to the public Mondays and Tuesdays, 12–6p
December 12 to January 15
And by appointment

59 East 4th Street, 7th floor, buzzer 14

The Shandaken Project will celebrate three years of residencies with a retrospective exhibition featuring over 60 artists who are part of the Shandaken community. The show will be held in a disused, floor-through apartment generously donated by Creative Time. Works created at the residency, others responding to the unusual exhibition space, and new work never before exhibited, will be on view at the show and presented in a closing night salon. 

Participating artists include: Katherine Brewer Ball, Saul Becker, Amy Beecher, Colby Bird, Travis Boyer, Rachel Budde, Michael Bühler-Rose, Sophia Cleary, Tryn Collins, TM Davy, Alex DeCarli, Ariel Dill, Brian Droitcour, Lizzie Feidelson, Clayton Flynn, Laura Frantz, Amanda Friedman, Elise Gardella, Chris Gartrell, Elissa Goldstone, Jonah Groeneboer, Stefan Gunn, Frank Haines, Gordon Hall, Stuart Hawkins, Nate Heiges, Terry Hempfling, Mary Hill, Liz Hirsch, Christopher K. Ho, David Horvitz, Riitta Ikonen, Wyatt Kahn, Jackie Klempay, Tatiana Kronberg, Claire Krouzecky, Shaun Krupa, Jac Lahav, Andres Laracuente, Nicolas Linnert, Reuben Lorch-Miller, Ryan James MacFarland, Brendan Mahoney, Ashley May, Robbie McDonald, Virginia Lee Montgomery, Sophy Naess, Peter Nadin and Aimée Toledano, Ethan Philbrick, Jory Rabinovitz, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Mariah Robertson, Shellyne Rodriguez, Chloé Rossetti, Brie Ruais, Michael Rudokas, Carmelle Safdie, Joshua Smith, Michael Stamm, Luke Stettner, Christopher Stiegler, Joseph Teeling, Jeff Tranchell, Nickolaus Typaldos, Jonathan VanDyke, Katie Vida, Julia Weist, and Cori Williams. 

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Sawyer K said...
Hello Mrs. Robertson, I was given a few of articles to look at on you and your process by my photography professor and thought that this might be my only way to contact you. I have been working for half of a year developing camera-less photography techniques in the darkroom by exploiting physics, fluid dynamics and chemical reactions on the surface of film (4X5 and 8mm). My work has lead me to a grant-project which will allow me to explore this topic further. I was just wondering if you maintain a studio or contact that I might be able to better reach you through. I am a student at a small college and given the size, I have found it imperative to look outside of my campus community into the working-artist world for advice, dialogue, and critique. I have been trying to learn a visual vocabulary and develop a practical toolset from artists who have tackled similar issues on film like Gary Schneider, Stan Brackhage, Luke Evans, and Josh Lake to name a few. I've been studying your work on photographic paper and am absolutely stunned by it. Part of what I struggle with is exerting control over the techniques that I have developed. Inherently, there is a limit to the amount of control you can exert in experimental work but as someone who uses a developed technique to create a coherant collage of sorts, I thought that you might be able to lend me some advice. If you have an alternative contact, I would really appreciate corresponding with you. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to hearing from you. And you anyone else who might stumble upon this in the comment section, I am always looking for advice.
December 15, 2014 09:15:28
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